Holistic and Integrative Science and Mysticism

A pragmatic, grounded, holistic, and spiritual practice: And not at all lacking relevance, the first inspiration of this webside began with an older sister website named Vox Eremita (meaning “voice of the hermit”). This inspiration holds true and sustains the work at hand.

The spark of insight is founded on a felt-sense of solitude and listening in silence. This is central to a contemplative therapeutic method. Where better to learn how to listen than from an eremitic desert-based experience.

The eremitic or hermit in the wilderness speaks to the hunger of the human heart. Perhaps this is a metaphor of our inner pathwork and identity.

In this liminal space, the therapeutic moment is ripe with vibrancy and purpose.

In eremitic listening, waiting, and self-emptying.

In therapeutic language, a gentle yet enduring open-handed holding and openness in heart forms within the therapeutic space.

This open heart-ness arises between therapist and client, within what is process, and what is emerging in meaning.

Conversely, in the depth of solitude, the eremitic moment is pregnant with mercy and communion in therapeutic presence.

This is like being a part of a beautiful sunset. We know we have a oneness in all of creation. Yet we also know we are one, but many.

Therapy is a space of transforming our perspectives.

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