Range of Online Services, Armidale, New England NSW




Ability Therapy Specialists was a community idea struck during the disbanding of state services. How can we keep senior skills and professional expertise in the New England?

This was how the concept was born.




We are registered with the National Disability Scheme to assist eligible participants.

We also now offer distance online via Skype and phone and email services.

Book your session by going to Book Now.

It is very easy. Choose your time and day from what is available. Pay via Paypal with credit card. If you are an NDIS participant you may be funded for counselling or behaviour support services – check with your planner.

Contact us via email or call 0468863740 during Friday. We like to keep your costs down so our out of pocket fee per session is under $100 – this means we may be working in session without anyone to answer the phone – please leave a message. Or explore our website for the information you seek.




As the most senior expertise in the field in our region, we know that building community partnership is the key and the only way forward. We rely on you, like you have relied on our professionalism and caring heart.

We look forward to hearing from you in this new adventure.




Instead of grief and loss per se we focus on healing from past hurts and offering helpful strategies for coping and moving forward. Instead of limitations, we focus on strengths and solutions.

As a solution focused project we turn circumstances on the head and find ways to do what needs to be done. In your marriage, your family, or your work. In your life goals or your spiritual walk among the stars. We have listening ears and skills to assist.

Contact us on abilitytherapyspecialists @ gmail.com

Or Book Now via the page in the menu.