Local Regional and Global – NDIS Behaviour Support and Counselling

As specialist counselling psychotherapists we offer a range of services for individuals, couples, families, and organisations. We are particularly proud to offer specialist (dis)ability support services funded for eligible participants under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). As New England NSW residents we work first with local and regional needs. But we also go global to anyone who seeks our services – first come first serve. Ultimately NDIS work can be national consultations where appropriate for our services in (dis)ability counselling and behaviour support services. If our expertise is needed, we will seek to open doors to allow a service provision wherever possible.

The NDIS is just launched in Northern NSW (Hunter New England), our home-base region where we are particularly well positioned to assist with referrals for our counselling and support in behavioural analysis and intervention planning.

Attached is a spread sheet that may be helpful to people receiving existing services who will soon be transitioning to the NDIS.

Guide – How will I access the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) pathway guide

Below is a media release from Minister John Ajaka at the beginning of the NDIS roll out across NSW Australia.

Media Release – Minister John Ajaka media release – NSW READY TO BEGIN TRANSITION TO NDIS

To quote the release,

Mr Ajaka said more than 40,000 people with disability living in NSW were expected to transition to the NDIS over the next 12 months.
“The NSW Government is delivering its commitment to transition to the NDIS by July 2018. The NDIS is on track, on time and on budget in NSW,” Mr Ajaka said.
“The Scheme will give people with disability in NSW real choice and control over their lives.
“Importantly, the NSW Government has been working hard with its partners in government and non-government sectors to ensure NSW is NDIS-ready.”