Ebooks For Sale to Support Ability Therapy Specialists Community Fund

Ability Therapy Specialists has partnered with Earth Rattle Publishing to offer an exciting new line of ebooks that will be developed from existing and new resources.

To kick start this project we created an Ebooks for Sale page that features extremely reduced prices on fully fledged existing books rendered into ebooks for this purpose.

The most exciting feature about this new system is that we can now answer a commonly asked question: “How can I support your work and offer more funds so that you can help other people?” To accomplish this, the ebook price includes an option to pay more. A “+” symbol after the price means that you can pay as much as you want to support the cause.

We thank people in advance for offering support via this ebook resources project. We look forward to the future development of innovative and practical resources.


Click on the image below to visit the product page for full details.

Threshold-Cover 9780987438768-cov-front Humanity-thumb Naked-Night-Cover