During a time when overt and often militant homophobia is actually on the increase and resistance to LGBTI+ human rights including to equal access to marriage under secular civil law, this ebook is both timely and shows how little yet how far we have come over the past 20+ years. This is a pivotal and ground breaking contribution to the literature of its day, and just as relevant at this time.

Happy to bring you this quality ebook to support our therapy community fund to assist with proceeds in our social enterprising efforts. We are especially proud of the cover image by Dr Dwayne Andrew Kennedy. Thank you to Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers for making this valuable resource newly available in this accessible format and for a good cause.


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Homophobia and the everyday mechanisms of prejudice: Findings from a qualitative study

Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers

Earth Rattle Publishing 2017 (c) 2006, 42 Pages PDF

ISBN 978-1-925034-01-1 Ebook