The Politics of Faith: A Psychotherapist’s Critical Reflection on ‘Lumen Fidei’ Light of Faith by Pope Francis

Critically reflecting on Pope Francis encyclical letter to the faithful of the Roman Catholic world ’Lumen Fidei’ that was published during June 2013, Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers brings over thirty years of community based practice, reflection, and advanced studies to this inter-professional dialogue. His response to +Francis provides insight for Catholics, non-Catholics, and secular people, while casting notions of faith into a broad psychological perspective, relies on attachment and developmental theories, as well as Indigenous perspectives. Written for the layperson, The Politics of Faith is an accessible, enlightening, and provocative reflection on contemporary social, political, sexual, and spiritual issues. Of tremendous value to counselling psychotherapists and to clients who wish to explore issues and questions of faith, this document is a primer that may encourage people with their therapeutic pathwork.


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© 2017 Joseph Randolph Bowers

84 Pages

ISBN 978-1-925034-00-4 Ebook

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