slide1Ability Therapy Specialists Pty Ltd is a New England North West based service.

Ability Therapy Specialists Pty Ltd is a New England North West based service. We offer face to face and distance consultations via Phone/Skype/Messenger in real time and client recorded video as well as email.

Our practice is based on referrals. We appreciate your support in referring those people who might benefit by our help. We often have open spaces to see new clients and return calls and emails within 48 hours. Please go to our Contact, Booking, and FAQ Page – there is a form at the bottom to fill in and send. You can also use our Contact details to send an email directly, or via Facebook Messenger, or leave us a phone message with your details.

We are a community based collective of independent specialists. We stand together under this banner to offer a world class professional service that is based in beautiful rural and regional Australia.

Our clients come from all ages, walks of life, and people see us from across Australia and around the world via distance technologies. We work on a first come, first serve basis. We consult with individuals, couples, families, we are childhood specialist educators and therapists, yet we have worked across the lifespan including with elders and seniors. We consult also with organisations, NGOs, churches, community groups, associations, and communities.

We support and uphold human rights and equality of diversity across the many categories of identity, place, and culture. We are a non-sectarian and secular practice operating as a Social Enterprise celebrating our multicultural and diverse social landscape.

Our values are therapeutic and educational, largely due to our origins in culture, family life, teaching professions, and therapeutic traditions. We come from the Person Centred Rogerian Psychotherapy tradition with a wide range of specialist solution-focused methods to assist people in everyday ways in normal everyday life. Our therapy is based on evidence research and longstanding culturally grounded wisdom which is also evidence based in the most holistic way. Our work is practical, creative, and tailored to each person and context.

Panel from The Mi’kmaq Sacred Worlds, Acrylic on Canvas, by Dr J R Bowers

Our Founding Vision

Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers spoke our Founding Vision, based on ecological and holistic methods in therapy while respecting and upholding Indigenous and Mi’kmaq First Nation cosmology and traditional ways.

“This is a vision for therapy that embraces the worlds here and beyond. There are Four Sacred Directions given by our Elders. All Nations honour this teaching in one way or other. And as the prophecies of many nations tell, one day all will come to stand together to protect our commonwealth – Mother Earth. Yet these are also metaphors or teachings that speak to our body, our heart and mind. We must first learn to support our family, tribe, nation, and to support our true self – in the best way, to be our best for today.

The Four Sacred Directions of Mother Earth and our embodiment are North, East, South, West, with Above, Below and Centre making Seven Sacred Directions. Each Direction holds certain teachings and pathways.

In the Northern hemisphere the Four Directions are: Eagle, Turtle, Wolf, and Bear.

In the Southern hemisphere and here in Australia the Four Directions are: Wedgetail Eagle, Great Sea Turtle, Dingo, and Kangaroo.

At the centre of the circle there is Mother Emu.

All around the Great Circle is Dreaming Serpent giving life and recreating Australia and all the worlds.

Each people have their own Totemic teachings. The above are teachings that come down to our pathwork and ways of being. Every teaching is meant to be respected with humility. Native people do not debate, argue, or discuss freely these Sacred Ways. These ways are normally raised during Sacred and Respectful Ceremonial Councils – meetings when Sacred Sage, Tobacco, Cedar, Juniper, and/or other Sacred Herb is burned to purify body, heart, mind and to open our thoughts to Sacred Ways of Listening.

This vision looks to how all beings are in one relationship. We are two legged kin. Yes. We are one, though many. We are also kin with winged, four legged, finned, leafy, crawling, and spirit nations. Now and for tomorrow’s sunrise. Always true – written in the DNA of the tree nation if you will. Today’s science echoes our Traditional Indigenous Science, because we always observed, tested theory, and proceeded with caution to respect nature’s wisdom and ways. In another sacred way, the Elders of the Mi’kmaq First Nation gift us this Songline from the Sacred Family Peace Pipe. This is the meaning of “M’sit No’kama ~ All My Relations.”

From Four comes Eight Sacred Teachings about how to live a happy and contented life: Humility, Respect, Listening, Kindness, and Patience, Commitment, Forgiveness, Learning. All around and behind these teachings rests the foundation of life. This is human ecology, life and meaning. This is the basic philosophy of life.

Also sacred the overlapping two paths of Therapy and Learning come from these teachings. This is a way that is practical and down to earth. This sacred and ordinary way respects and upholds whatever appropriate knowledge and skill is available and needed. This means Therapy and Learning ways can use the best of western, non-western, global, and Indigenous traditional methods to help people in everyday life and in their sacred self-empowerment and self-emptying and mindfulness.

You see here two streams meeting, with a third coming together further on down the track. The first two streams are human development in empowerment that arises during the first phases of life, childhood, young adulthood, parenting years. The second stream arises during the middle adult and late adult years in giving even more of our being in love, and in self-emptying of attachments and desires while our inner being gives birth to a new songline.

The third stream comes in during these years but we are rarely aware until later in life. During our elder years mindfulness arises as a pathwork that draws human nature, human and nature, into a deeper abiding presence in heart and being. However these resources are available to us at any time during our life cycle, because human development is psychodynamic – truly expansive, resilient, and steeped in capacity for making neurological and ecological connections.

Every decision we make in life impacts and influences others and creation. Indigenous nations knew this and carry this wisdom today. We know that we two legged have the potential for harm and for healing, for trauma and for teaching, for darkness and for light, for peacemaking and for making war. This is why our nations elders give us sacred ways and teachings to guide our pathwork. This is why human development is understood to include boundaries, emphasis, focus, and balance. When balance is tipped over development changes course and may fall off the path that is trodden by centuries of elders teachings that now include centuries of commonly known science and knowledge.

Eco-centred Therapy and Teaching is when we place Ecology at the heart of pathwork. Ecology means the study of life. We-focused Therapy and Teaching is when we place Kinship at the heart of pathwork. M’sit Nogama means All My Relations. This is both a profound personal identity and a way of living ethically, morally, and ecologically. These ways together add so much to modern Counselling, Psychotherapy, Behaviour Support, and Ability Consciousness. When we have Life and Ecology at the Centre with Kinship in the We of All Our Relations – we have our Core Strengths woven together and embraced by a whole-istic method of living.

These insights parallel and feed into Rogerian Person Centred Psychotherapy, Ericksonian Body-Mind-Person Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal and Culturally Grounded Methods in Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotive-Embodiment Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy, Life and Spirit Coaching, Behaviour Support Methods, dis-Ability Counselling, and Creative Arts, Music, Dance and Visual Therapies that are in our estimation best integrated into a specialist capacity to make Therapy and Teaching appropriate and tailored to each individual’s needs and desired goals.

Fascinating to realise that our Therapy and Teaching methods are based in modern day movements in Therapy and Education that are indeed mainstream and global – representing the best and most exclusive schools and training institutes around the world. These methods and capacities do not normally appear in rural, regional and remote institutes – yet here we are in the bush of Australia where life is often appropriately reduced to food money and housing shortages. But this too is real life.

This pathwork is simple yet radical, wonderful, and exciting – a journey of discovery. Radical after all means to get to the roots of something, to find the core and heart. The Radical Circle of Therapy and Teaching is reawakening the meaning of life. Healing our Being. Coming Home. Playing in the Field of Plenty. Every being seeks to dance in this spark of awakening even while we sleep – which is why trauma and violence harm our spirits so much. This sacred pathwork is why we are here in this Earth World. To re-learn a way to live in truth and beauty. One way or another, the choice is yours. This is why you are reading these energies in words, and why this music may speak to you in some way.

This vision of the Great Circle of Life in Therapy and Teaching is our Enabling change. Healing. Development. Transformation. Addressing issues and patterns. Setting goals. Moving forward. Building capacity to change. To accept for now what you cannot change. To live life in the practice of wisdom. To live Real Life for Today. This is your Ability and your basic human right to exist, to be alive, to exercise your freedom and responsibility. To carry your Sacred Medicine Bundle with integrity and humility.”

Worlds in Balance, Acrylic on Canvas, Dr J R Bowers

Our Range of Services

At the moment we collectively represent a range of skills that include the services of Counselling, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Spirit Coaching, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Creative Arts Therapy, Adult and Community Education, Early Childhood Education, Mental Health Support, NDIS Funded dis-Ability Behaviour Support, NDIS Funded dis-Ability Counselling. For more information view our pages and posts or do a search and see what comes up. If there is something we can help with please go to our Contact, Booking, and FAQ Page. All the best for you and your family.

BTW – Paintings for purchase?

If you are interested contact us to see what we have available. Both Dr Bowers and Dr Kennedy are artists who have shown their works in Canada and Australia. Dr Kennedy’s work has been the logo for the Australian Counselling Association research journal for many years. Dr Bowers’ works including books and written resources are kept in Special Collection with the Mi’kmaq Resource Centre at Cape Breton University in Canada, and were held by the CBU Art Gallery for eight years and recently returned to family. Sale of paintings will assist funds to maintain therapy services in rural and regional Australia.

Books for Purchase?

Another way to support this work of Therapy and Teaching is to purchase books and resources for sale – look for our page about this. The cool part is that you can “buy” a book but really pay whatever you want to pay. We are not registered as a charity and we do not have not for profit status. Thus the easiest way to support our work is to “pay your price” by purchase of a book. We operate as a Social Enterprise which means we put back the majority of resources into the practice.

Prayers for Healing Transgenerational Trauma, Acrylic on Canvas, Dr J R Bowers

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