Ability Therapy Specialists Pty Ltd is an Armidale, New England, NSW based service. We offer face to face and distance consultations via Phone/Skype.

Our practice is based on referrals. We appreciate your support in referring those people who might benefit by our help. We often have open spaces to see new clients and return calls and emails within 48 hours. Please go to our Contact page for more information.

Our clients come from all ages, walks of life, and people see us from across Australia and around the world via distance technologies. We work on a first come, first serve basis. We consult with individuals, couples, families, we are childhood specialist educators and therapists, yet we have worked across the lifespan including with elders and seniors. We consult also with organisations, NGOs, churches, community groups, associations, and communities.

Our ethics support and uphold human rights and equality of diversity across the many categories of identity, place, and culture. We are a non-sectarian and secular agency that operates as a social enterprise. We uphold the NDIS Code of Ethics and the Australian Counselling Association Code of Ethical Conduct.

Our values are based in the person centred therapeutic and educational and cultural traditions. We are inspired by Person Centred Rogerian Psychotherapy and we practice a wide range of specialist solution-focused methods to assist people in everyday ways toward solving issues and problems and moving on with greater capacity. Our therapy is based on evidence research and longstanding culturally infused methods. Our work is practical, creative and tailored to each person and context.

Our culture is uniquely Australian and thrives within a multicultural and diverse social landscape. We support a “culturally infused” approach to therapy that honours and respects each client’s culture, values, and spirituality. Our practitioners come from various traditions and you may find that each practitioner may celebrate Buddhist, Christian, Indigenous, Aboriginal, and First Nation cultural wisdom.

Our services include¬†Counselling, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Creative Arts Therapy, Adult and Community Education, Early Childhood Education, Mental Health Support…

We are a NDIS Registered Provider and offer dis-Ability Behaviour Support, Counselling, Assessment, and a range of person centred Daily Life Supports within our specialist therapeutic focus.

For more information view our pages and posts or do a search and see what comes up. If there is something we can help with please go to our Contact page. All the best for you and your family.

Our Founding Vision arose during 2016, and is based on ecological and holistic methods in therapy while respecting Indigenous and Mi’kmaq First Nation cosmology.

“This is a vision for therapy that embraces the worlds here, now, and beyond. There are Sacred Directions given by our Elders. All Nations honour this teaching in one way or another. The Four Cardinal Directions are North, East, South, West. The Seven Sacred Directions include Above, Below and Centre or the Heart. Each Direction holds certain teachings and pathways. In the Northern hemisphere the Four Directions are: Eagle, Turtle, Wolf, and Bear. In the Southern hemisphere and here in Australia the Four Directions are: Wedgetail Eagle, Great Sea Turtle, Dingo, and Kangaroo. At the centre or heart of the circle there is Mother Emu. All around the Great Circle is Dreaming Serpent giving life and recreating Australia and all the worlds.

This vision looks to how all beings and indeed all things are in one relationship. We are two legged kin. Yes. We are one, though many. We are also kin with winged, four legged, finned, leafy, crawling, and spirit nations. Now and for tomorrow’s sunrise. Always true – written in the DNA of the tree nation if you will. Today’s therapeutic sciences echo our traditional Indigenous sciences. We always observed, tested theory, and proceeded with caution to respect nature’s wisdom and ways. In another sacred way, the Elders of the Mi’kmaq First Nation gift us this Songline from the Sacred Family Peace Pipe. This is the meaning of “M’sit No’kama ~ All My Relations. From this original primordial teaching flows the many pathways of spirituality and culture around the world. The simplicity of these teachings are found in all the great world religions and are also found in western science and secular ways of life.”

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We are based at the “Heart Forest Mountain Hermitage” in Armidale that supports our therapy studio and offices. To contact us go to the contact page. Thanks.


Ability Therapy Specialists Pty Ltd, ABN 18 627 202 297, ACN 627 202 297.