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Counselling for hearing loss is a specialist area that started offering when requested by people in our region, given that no such services exist in the community.

We are Counsellors and Psychotherapists. So our work with hearing loss helps clients with the psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual experiences of dealing with hearing loss.

Our service is online telehealth – which you might think makes things harder but this is not the case! People come to us from the comfort of their home. So they can “turn the volume up” as much as they need.

Clients can also use headphones, or put their phone next to their hearing aid or ear or have their hearing aid connect to their hearing device via wifi or bluetooth.

Our clients say that the comfort and ease of contact from home makes the service much more accessible! They say that it sets them at ease. They can focus on the issues at hand and work through them without the added stress of travel, making arrangements for children or others, and all they need to worry about is finding a room or place in the garden to talk with us online.

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  • Hearing loss can be insidious. People can have major hearing loss without realising this for years.
  • Loss of hearing can exist in certain frequencies, and effect people in quite different ways.
  • Various levels of hearing and deafness create unique challenges in communication, and effect relationships, intimacy, and family life in many ways that are often not discussed openly.
  • These additional social layers create challenges for spouses and family when living with someone with hearing loss.

But the good news is that all these and more issues can be addressed in sensitive and helpful ways. Research shows that strong audiology support combined with therapeutic counselling and psychotherapy increase patient resilience and satisfaction with their chosen path of intervention.

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  • Dealing with testing, hearing aids trials, getting used to aids, surgery, chronic issues that cause discomfort, and hearing loss associated with aging are all extremely challenging.

Many studies show that hearing loss counselling is a key factor in easing the adjustment challenges. However, counselling is no substitute for expert medical and audiology assessment. But as an adjunct to audiology, specialist counselling therapy is highly regarded.

To see if we can assist and have openings in our caseload, get in touch via the contact page. Thanks for your visiting today.

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