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Proceeds of our direct ebook sales from this site and our Facebook page go toward a fund for assisting people in need of therapy services. Thank You for Your Support!

Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers
2017 Earth Rattle Publishing
331 Pages PDF, 1.5 MB
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Counselling LGBTI+, First Nation, and Two Spirit: Queer and Indigenous Identity for Helpers and Healers – The Case of Marsha
Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers
Earth Rattle Publishing 2017, 54 Pages PDF.
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Homophobia and the everyday mechanisms of prejudice: Findings from a qualitative study
Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers
Earth Rattle Publishing 2017 (c) 2006, 42 Pages PDF.
Microsoft Word - AgingPastoralCare2017-FP.doc
$4.00+ Pay More To Support Therapy Services
Wholistic applications of counselling with the aging in dialogue with pastoral care concerns: A postmodern and transcendental analysis
Earth Rattle Publishing 2017 (c) 2006 Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers, 25 pages PDF.
On the Threshold: Personal Transformation and Spiritual Awakening ~ A Primer on the Spiritual Life with Activities
ISBN: 978-0-9874387-1-3 (ebook)
Earth Rattle Publishing, (c) 2013 J R Bowers
174 Pages, PDF.
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Sacred Teachings from the Medicine Lodge
Earth Rattle Publishing
ISBN: 9780987438775 (ebook), (c) 2013 J R Bowers
204 Pages – PDF.
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Naked Night: Impressions of the Heart – A book of poetry by a Native Canadian young man.
Earth Rattle Publishing © 2013 J R Bowers
ISBN: 9780987438737 (ebook)
127 Pages PDF
Humanity: The Search for Place – A collection of poetry by a young native Canadian.
ISBN 9780987438751 (ebook)
© 2013 J R Bowers, Earth Rattle Publishing
Exclusive to this site by special agreement with the author.
94 Pages PDF