Behaviour Support – What You Want to Know But Don’t Want to Ask

Is Behaviour Support for real? Good question!

One couple set their marriage at stake on the answer. One wanted to use a passive nurturing method. The other wanted to use firm discipline. And don’t assume one is male and the other female. You would be wrong if you did. 

Needless to say. The marriage ended at a stale mate. You know why? Because nothing can last on extremes. If you want a marriage to work you need compromise. If you want behaviour support to work you need balance.

Not between extremes. To find balance you need reason and feeling in sync. Kids are not an abstract formula. Kids are real people with complex needs.

Too much of one. Things do not work. Too much of the other. Things do not work. 

Structure and nurturing. Yes. Boundaries and a bit of limited choices. Yes. Freedom appropriate for the child’s development. Yes. But freedom is the shadow of responsibility. Without one the other will fail…

So it goes. The mix is unique for each child. Yet don’t we want to get it right? Yes. Indeed. 

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