Changes to Services under Covid-19

Due to addressing the health crisis we have moved all clinical services to online and telehealth models.

As you might appreciate, the many major changes happening every day in Australia are taking time to process not only for our service but in the case of each of our clients. We have been helping clients to cope and to work through a transition into what the PM calls our “new normal.”

As such we need to pace ourselves and we have slowed the processing of new referrals. In light of Covid-19 developments, we have decided to take the school holiday as a time for a temporary closure.

We appreciate clients situations and needing to continue clinical supports, assessments, and treatment planning during these challenging times. Social isolation has many implications for people with disabilities and mental health concerns. By pacing ourselves we will all get through this time together, and to our surprise I am sure that we will find new pathways forward when least expected…

We wish each of you and your families each moment of contentment, as well as continued health and safety.

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Telehealth Book Cover

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