Couple Counselling Couple Enrichment

wp-image-742280087jpg.jpegCouples wait an average of six years before seeking counselling for issues that arise in their marriage or significant relationship. Six years is just long enough for problems to become chronic and to surface into conflict.

Hard to convince couples to invest in proactive relation-building skills, communication skills, and skills in building real intimacy. Why so difficult? Your guess is as good as mine. Just think about your own life and relationships.

How much do you invest in building your capacity to get along with others? Even therapists who enter training for years, doing the hard work of their own personal relationships often becomes fatigue. Sometimes into the too hard basket.

Part of the problem it seems to me is that people look at the problems and not the solution. They don’t see this clearly until they live with the problem for a long time, six years maybe?

Those who “awaken” begin to look around for alternatives. What do we do?

Well, I can bet my hat on the fact that when we continue to focus on the problem relational issues lead often to escalation, greater cycles of grief, and perhaps separation.

Enter Couple Enrichment. Why bother with counselling when we can enrich, build capacity, and focus on taking our relational accomplishments beyond the next decade. Think about it.

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