Please respect copyright and do not share these documents. They are included in this site for personal study purposes only.

Copyright Notice

To respect copyright we focus the curated collection on original writings where we are reasonably assured we have copyright authority to share these in a student learning context. Unless stated clearly by us on materials, your permission is to view only. Not to copy, download, or share.

For other sources directly relevant to the topics covered at our site, and where we understand that sharing a document is allowed (for example, with NSW FACS documents on behaviour support where the behaviour team may be happy to see this information more widely accessible) we are reasonably assured that we can share the file.

In other cases where we are unsure or see that copyright is an issue, we provide web links. We cannot ensure links are active because the source sites change their layout, break links, or delete. We ask you to send us an email with subject heading “broken link” with a copy of the link text found in our listing. When we have time, we can investigate. We cannot often fix the issue as we are not in control of third party websites.

We are happy to take down any files, links, or otherwise where a question arises regarding copyright. We would seek to uphold copyright in all cases. We therefore ask you to respect the rules, as doing otherwise may compromise our capacity to offer information and may impact future student’s access.


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