Dr Dwayne Kennedy

Dr Dwayne Andrew Kennedy is a Counsellor, Life Coach, and Educational Specialist in Adult and Early Childhood, in Art Therapy, and in Disability, Mental Health, and Indigenous Cultural and Spiritual Empowerment.

Dr Kennedy’s formal degrees include a PhD in Counselling with Art Therapy and Trauma Recovery, MEd Honours, Bachelor of Counselling, Bachelor of Teaching, and Bachelor of Education.

Dwayne has taught at Minimbah Aboriginal School for many years as a qualified Early Childhood Educator and Specialist Teacher.

With over 25 years experience in the disability and mental health services sectors, Dr Kennedy has consulted and mentored clients, staff, and management on ways forward through empowerment, resilience, and accomplishing of client-focused goals and creative dream-making.

Dwayne is of the Waradjuri and Kamilori Nations of Australia.