Free Ebook on Telehealth Clinical Services in Australia: How Telehealth Works and Its Effectiveness in the Context of Specialist Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Behaviour Support

In the context of Coronovirus Covid-19 we launch this book that actively seeks to provide greater access to behaviour support and counselling therapies via online systems in Australia and for NDIS participants.

This book was written just before the health crisis broke the news, because it just makes sense to provide online clinical services via telehealth to a range of people who need this service.

This is a free book resource to share with colleagues, family, and friends. Compliments of Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers and Dr Dwayne Andrew Kennedy.

About the Book

Telehealth is one word that describes a range of communication methods that are used wherever people are in different locations. Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers, Senior Clinical Behaviour Specialist Counsellor Psychotherapist, outlines the practical “how to” of telehealth methods. He then provides a brief overview of the history of telehealth and its efficacy in clinical research with emphasis on behaviour support.

Have you wondered if distance or online therapy was effective? Here is your answer.

Are you concerned about accessing counselling therapies or behaviour support when local practitioners are on six month waiting lists? Here is another option – find a practitioner from another location in Australia, and use telehealth methods.

Do you have questions about the effectiveness or clinical validity of telehealth to diagnose, treat, and work through behaviour support plans? Here is the best advice from two of the leading specialists in Australia in their fields that is based on reviews of the literature and many years of experience working in distance and online systems in clinical and educational-clinical contexts.

Telehealth Clinical Services in Australia is essential reading to quickly get up to speed on how to use telehealth and on its effectiveness in clinical services in disability and mental health support.

Telehealth Book Cover

Telehealth Clinical Services in Australia: How Telehealth Works and Its Effectiveness in the Context of Specialist Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Behaviour Support

Copyright Notice: © 2020 Joseph Randolph Bowers and Dwayne Andrew Kennedy. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. This information may be copied for study purposes or to share for information, must not be modified, and must not be used for commercial purpose or sold. Please cite the work if making quotations or using information in any way. Thank you.

ISBN 978-1-925034-13-4
67 Pages
PDF, 725 KB

Payment Note: Payment is set at $0.00+ meaning the product is free and you can offer a “higher price” as you choose to support Ability Therapy Specialists Pty Ltd in our work in disability and mental health support. ATS Pty Ltd functions as a social enterprise where the majority of our revenue goes into services for people with disabilities and mental health needs in rural and remote Australia.


Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers PhD, MEd Couns, GCHE, BA Distinction, CPNLP, HACA, is a Senior Behaviour Specialist Counsellor Psychotherapist. Dr Bowers is a clinical disability and mental health specialist with emphasis on human development and relational support. Dr Bowers is an author of over 200 works including several books in the areas of counselling, health, and cultural methods in therapy.

Dr Dwayne Andrew Kennedy PhD, MEd Hon Couns, BCouns, BEd, BTeach, Cert III Disabilities, Cert III Childcare, Cert III Welfare, is a Behaviour Specialist Counsellor Psychotherapist. Dr Kennedy is an early childhood specialist with emphasis on coaching parents-children through clinical support and capacity building.

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