Helping the Helper

Organisational & Community Value Enhancing

  • You seek a speaker with leadership and vision at your corporate or public events
  • You need clinical and/or communications skill-building programs – here is your source
  • Your team wants group work facilitated by a world class trainer, educator, and originator
  • The community spirit of your organisation needs expertise to build on business projects, to take your capacity to the next level, to move on grants or special commissions.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

A locally owned service offers EAP that benefit staff and workplaces with boutique packages for small business. Local and regional clientele have unique cultures, rural contexts, and smaller structures that can be better understood and supported by a local and regionally focused approach. Meeting to discuss your needs among managers and directors can better suit your needs and build on your strategic directions.

  • Staff may appreciate being able to have choice around making a phone call, talking over Skype, sharing in emails, or visiting face to face for a cuppa.
  • In addition, while having the knowledge and wisdom associated with EAP, we can provide staff training, capacity building, and strategic planning to enhance the future direction of your business.

Walking Into Your Future

To get started and make first contact we invite clients to book an online no-risk session with us at Regular Client Direct rates to discuss a proposal. We find this is the easiest way to clarify what you wish to achieve, and how we can assist.