In the Trenches – The Development of ‘Behaviour Support Essentials’ Course

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The year 2020, wow! What a ride!

So much is said about this year, we are all a bit sick of it really. So what is happening at the moment?

Springtime! Yipee! Lots of sun and a bit more rain for some of us, and more than we like for others. New projects? We started writing our first ever course under the new registered name of the Ability Academy Australia.

The course is Behaviour Support Essentials. We are working now with reviewers of the course who come from among senior Disability Support Workers and a few others who offer health and allied health insights.

We will not link to the course for now, as nothing is live to view yet. We hope we can launch in the next couple of months. Stay tuned…

We were asked this week by a colleague in Canada, ‘Why did you start this course business? You had your day as a Senior Lecturer and you moved back into community practice. I don’t understand. What inspired this new project?’

Our response was, ‘We saw changes in the sector going back ten years where disability support workers have had almost no training or professional development opportunities. We began by creating client-specific training modules. We gave these to staff and family who supported the person in need. Then we started to realise that even mainstream training programs do not speak the language of real life. We wanted to offer our insights to people who really need this – family, carers, guardians, staff, and managers. Many of these people have never studied before. So we needed short and punchy programs that are friendly, accessible, easy to understand, and enjoyable, fun, and engaging.’

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