Integrative CEBH Therapy for Anxiety and Social Phobias

Exploring methods in counselling and psychotherapy for anxiety based responses including social phobias one faces the classic issue of 1. Abundant research on CBT over the past 30 years largely because CBT has been the preferred baby of psychologists verses 2. Less research and more need to search outside of dominant publishing frameworks on integrational and complementary methods.

Suffice to say, the issue is not new and using multi-model methods often sits with therapists who tailor strategies for each case. Cognitive Emotive Behavioural (Ericksonian) Hypnotherapy is generally a method that I have used for many years that grew out of my early years of working with women in recovery from rape, domestic violence, and patterns of abuse in relationships mostly with men albeit several were female only contexts. 

Although we did not label the method this way during the mid 1990s, a prior tenure of full time university training of counsellors and my last several years of clinical work in specialist behaviour support therapy has expanded my understanding of the utility of integrating methods for optimal outcomes. 

A good place to start is this resource:

Integrative Cbt for Anxiety Disorders – an Evidence-based Approach to Enhancing Cbt with Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy

An Evidence-Based Approach to Enhancing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy

By: Assen Alladin

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