Is Counselling Available In Your Community?


A USA study showed that 52% of people believe therapy is hard to find. This was rated as the largest reason why people do not seek counselling. Oddly enough, this social perception goes back to the days when therapy was more rare, and indeed difficult to find. In those days counselling professionals did not exist in many local communities.

The majority of rural Australians likely feel the same way. Counselling is hard to find. They may rely on family more often. They might seek out ministers of religion or their doctor for help here and there.

However, just over half who think therapy is hard to fine leaves about 48% who believe counselling is accessible! How can this be?! It makes little sense…

The reasons why about half of the population thinks counselling is easy to find is because, in fact, this tends to be true nowadays! This means that people are 1. more informed, 2. more aware, and 3. perhaps even more insightful about counselling than they used to be in the old days. The truth of this is carried through the data – because more people today actually use counselling when they need this service, instead of relying on happenstance or fate or for health issues to become chronic illnesses.

More information is vital. In today’s world even in isolated rural and remote places counselling services are available online via Skype or email or phone. We offer this kind of service for rural and regional areas. Ability Therapy Specialists works this way. Please feel free to check out our services pages and online booking system.

Other recent studies suggest that urban and city dwellers use online distance counselling, perhaps more so than rural and remote populations. Why is this? Because distance therapy via Skype or phone is effective and very helpful to people who don’t want to or can’t get in the car and drive across the city.

Also many people don’t want to be seen going to therapy, and these days most therapists are located in professional districts and public offices. But here again, Ability Therapy Specialists seeks to meet the needs of local people so our offices are tucked away where people feel more comfortable visiting us face to face.


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