Launching a Practice in New England NSW

cropped-dscf9822-1This past year was filled with research and learning about the New England North West of New South Wales. In some respects this region is rich in natural resources. In other ways we are poor and in certain respects disadvantaged.

Did you know that to travel from anywhere in the region you are looking at at least a half hour up to well over three hours on the road. The latter is far more common.

Consulting in the region poses challenges due to distance. A normal day is four hours on the road with only 2 or so hours visiting a client or agency. If your time on the road is not funded it does not happen. Rural and remote clients are the poor cousins of people in the Hunter or in the cities.

But having grown up in rural Canada, I love the healthy environment and the peace that comes from a contemplative mindfulness. This region is an unsung gem in Australia. And the people here deserve to keep high level professionals in this area. This is why my heart is so committed to growing a consultancy practice in the New England.


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