NDIS and What We Offer

This page is focused on NDIS services however private clients and organisations will find this information quite useful because most NDIS type services translate into privately paying services. The same is true for our other pages on behaviour support, counselling, creative arts therapies, etc…

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a huge step forward for Australia. Under this insurance scheme, participants can pay for services.

Ability Therapy Specialists is a rural and regional based New England North West specialist therapy service. We offer a wide range of solutions to individuals, couples, families, and organisations – people of all descriptions. We see private clients and we are proud to be an NDIS Registered Provider for people with disabilities and mental health concerns.

ATS offers services to all ages from early childhood supports through to 65 for NDIS participants, and into the elder years for private clients. The NDIS focuses on ages 7 to 65, and 0 to 6 for early childhood intervention.

Under our professional registration with the Australian Counselling Association, and in our roles as Counsellors and Psychotherapists, we have developed many specialisations. This professional standing allows us to practice in related and traditional clinical counselling areas, including use of art therapy, music therapy, rehabilitation therapy and all with expertise in psychotherapeutic outcomes. As senior educators we are also well versed in working with school-based interventions, as well as more focused psychoeducational methods, and therapeutic tutoring.

We like to think we are well rounded, because as counsellors, psychotherapists, and educators our work is based in established science and evidenced-based methods as well as versed in advanced specialist methods to assist people with specific issues and areas.


Our NDIS Funding Clusters

(How Headings May Appear in Your Plan)


Therapeutic Supports (CB Daily Activity): Counselling, Art Therapy, Rehabilitation Counselling

Employment (CB Employment): Employment related assessment and counselling

Daily Activities: Transitional support (related to behaviour support and transitions toward independent living skills)

Behaviour Supports (CB Relationships): Behaviour Support “Other health professional”, Specialist Behaviour Support

Early Childhood Supports: Counselling, Art Therapy, Teaching Expertise


Our Services and What We Offer

Under the NDIS we provide disability and mental health specialist counselling, creative arts counselling, psychotherapy,  behaviour support, psycho-educational assistance, employment counselling, rehabilitation counselling, and early childhood intervention supports, across a wide range of areas. All our supports are appropriate to NDIS participant goals and outcomes, so our work overall is solution focused and person centred.

For Example

  1. We work in assessment and contributing to diagnosis and treatment planning / support planning. NDIS participants use this work to help with annual reviews. We have found that if people do not have clinical reports, the NDIS Planner may not have the information they need to apply “reasonable and necessary” supports under the legislation leading to many people not receiving adequate funding for therapy and other supports.
  2. Assessment can also help people who may need to get onto the NDIS and require assessments to assist their GP, Paediatrician, or Clinical Psychologist diagnostic efforts. We are registered with Pearson Australia for access to several diagnostic measures to assist with diagnosis, reviews, and treatment planning.
  3. We are active therapists, for example we are engaged in direct counselling, psychotherapy, coaching, education, and training. We are often helping people in solving their problems and issues. We may work with advanced psychotherapy strategies for healing or change, dealing with health or illness, grief or loss, identity or recovery, and workplace issues, finding jobs, building social skills. We quite often work in-depth with people with special needs like Autism, Intellectual Disability, or a learning disorder. We work with everyday relationship concerns, couple and family life… and are advocates for children and youth in the family and across the community.
  4. We provide behaviour support from things like achieving life goals, to problem solving and safety issues for highly complex cases, to working with people across disability and mental health issues, including cases involving aggression and violence.
  5. Our work with children and early intervention focuses on the child within a parent-involved and family-focused ecological method, so we work with the child with parents present and/or observing, and where helpful with siblings, towards skill development, certain developmental goals, and with parents in education, coaching, encouragement, and transitional planning.
  6. We also assist through assessments, written reports, training, and coaching with teachers, disability and mental health staff, organisations, teams, and our work is sought after by colleagues to assist with recommendations, treatment planning, plan management, and support strategies.

We are two highly qualified specialists both with PhDs in Counselling Psychotherapy. See our individual pages for more information on our backgrounds.


Aboriginal Australians and NDIS Supports

Aboriginal Australians will be interested to connect with our service. Dr Dwayne Andrew Kennedy is well known regionally and is working with Indigenous clients on a regular basis. Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers also holds a great deal of experience and expertise in Indigenous methods in educaring and therapy. We welcome cultural respect and connections based in post-colonial healing and empowerment.


More Information

Under this page heading on the site menu you will find additional pages dedicated to Counselling NDIS, Behaviour Support NDIS, and other offerings.

Our services are being developed to support NDIS participants. Tailored to each person and family, organisation and community. We are on the cutting edge of these developments, and welcome participants who are seeking innovative solutions.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and goals for a service in these areas. We are actively developing original tailored therapy options for people with disabilities, mental health issues, and complex needs.

With many years of experience in these areas, we are excited to provide NDIS participants with state of the art advanced therapeutic and educational experiences. We see across many cases how this approach makes a difference.


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