We offer NDIS funded specialist behaviour support and counselling therapies in the telehealth and online space.

Participants access these services through the funding categories of,

  • 110 Behaviour Support and Specialist Behaviour Support
  • 128 Therapeutic Supports
  • 118 Early Intervention supports for early childhood

Participants who are NDIA managed use CB Relationships and Behaviour; and/or CB Daily Activities for Counselling Therapy and Assessments; and/or Early Childhood Intervention areas.

Participants who are Plan Managed by an independent agency can also use their Core funding to pay for the above service line items.

Self Managed participants can access all of the above as well.

Ability Academy Australia

ATS Pty Ltd has founded Ability Academy Australia to offer courses and programs in capability training and educaring in the online and telehealth environment.

Our first course to launch is in the behaviour support capacity building area. Behaviour Support Essentials is a course designed for entry level and a person would need around “year eight” reading level and a basic capacity to understand information. The course would suit people with or without a Cert IV in Disabilities, either as a refresher and focused course in behaviour support or as a good practice run in a flexible adult learning approach before starting a Cert III or IV study. We think that no prior learning is needed to do our course, but it is also a good refresher for people with various courses and experience under their belt.

People pay for our courses out of pocket – privately as such. There is no funding per se from NDIS for study and education. As a private non-accredited approach focused in professional development, we are not engaged with any funded pathway.

Having said this, NDIS participants who want to take a course have ways to get around these obstacles to choice and control. We know many people with (dis)Abilities who want to study and get a Certificate, who cannot cope with mainstream education and training.

Therefore, we have an alternative pathway where the person with an NDIS Plan can access 1:1 coaching through either behaviour support or counselling therapies while they are going through a program. The therapy and coaching time pays for access to the course which we view as a bonus and as a complimentary value added offering to the person while engaging in therapy and skill building. To arrange these things needs individual planning, so get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

We may also say here that we are in the early days of program and course design. We are open to ideas.

To get in touch use our Contact page, thanks.

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