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In addition to our other Counselling Page, this page specialises on the NDIS contexts.

Historically, Counselling and psychotherapy services have been rarely if ever available to people with cognitive and intellectual disabilities.

Under the NDIS these mainstream services are now funded, but very few practitioners are experienced and qualified to deliver service.

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ATS is in a rare position to offer tailored therapeutic services to people with special needs.

  • As specialists in (dis)Ability behaviour support, mental health, and person centred practice, we can provide appropriate and relevant to you counselling therapies.
  • We can work with people who have physical and intellectual Abilities, other kinds of diagnosis, and/or mental health diagnosis.
  • We work with people on the autism spectrum.

The Person is at the Heart of Everything we Do.

  • We see people across the life span, from early childhood through to 65 under NDIS
  • We understand the disability services sector
  • We know the pressures on families, support workers, and networks of support
  • We can provide a better integrated service by working collaboratively

Providing people with disabilities with professional counselling and/or psychotherapy and/or life coaching often includes supporting family and staff within the person’s immediate support systems.

  • Counselling can provide insight to assist people to resolve misunderstanding, address issues of stress or anxiety, and work together from the same page.
  • A range of services and methods make this area very exciting and open to new options.
  • How about walking therapy for people who cannot sit in a traditional office?
  • Why not art, music, or creative arts therapy methods?
  • What about mild gardening and horticultural-based therapy methods?
  • How about helping us organise a group therapy program over a couple of months, providing weekly or biweekly group activities with a therapeutic edge?

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These services may or may not be covered under your NDIS plan. You can raise this as a need with your NDIS planner.

If you are a participant and have funding – contact us. Remember that our reviews can help your next NDIS review planning meeting – ask us for an assessment and report for your upcoming NDIS review.

Because we work online, you can enjoy a meeting with us at home or via therapeutic coaching and skill building, during a walk, along the creek, in the park, or while visiting a cafe or attending an event.


  • Counselling with
    • using symbols and art materials
    • during a walk and talk therapy
    • collecting your own creative arts therapy materials at home
    • rehabilitation psychotherapy coaching to help stay motivated
    • while online working with paints and canvas, sketching, and drawing
    • playing hand drums, listening to live guitar or flute music
    • sharing screens and working on a document with your therapist
    • watching a video and discussing its meaning
    • parent sessions to help work with a child’s needs
    • other aspects of counselling and behaviour support in early childhood intervention, family assistance, and parenting coaching
    • empowering you as a mother and/or a father to cope and manage well in your role
  • Counselling for
    • trauma recovery and healing of life’s hurts
    • eating disorders and managing diet from a positive and practical behavioural and counselling perspective
    • working with and managing chronic stress and anxiety
    • individualised job searching skills, resume writing, and interview coaching towards achieving your goals

There are many possibilities…

What do you seek?

How would you like to use your NDIS funding to meet your goals and hopes for the future?

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