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We offer NDIS Funded Psychosocial Recovery Coaching.

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When what you have been doing is not working, we often suggest – try something different. Therapy is not a text book. Therapy and mental health is a grand adventure in self-care and self-discovery!


Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia participants of the Scheme with a NDIS Plan can access our services for mental health and/or disability related concerns.

This is a big win for people seeking to manage and improve their life with greater personal choice and control around options, service providers, and ways forward with work, lifestyle planning, personal growth, and relationships.

We are holistic and ecological in our approach. Mental health is more than recovery models and much more than illness management. We seek to empower self-care, deepening maturity, discernment of meaning, and life fulfillment.

Over the years we have developed specialist experience and qualifications across mental health and disabilities, an area many call “dual diagnosis.” In fact, there are few specialists in this area because of the interwoven and complex nature of how intellectual disabilities and autism relates to mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar, or schizophrenia. For this reason we often find ourselves working to support other clinical practitioners including providing observational and supportive reports for psychiatrist reviews.

  • We seek to build supportive roles over time with clients and their families or support organisations.
  • We often have more time with clients than medical specialists like psychiatrists can attain.
  • Our role seeks to encourage and build resilience into the everyday support systems around an individual.
  • We cannot be there all the time, but we can help within a certain window of time that is allowed through our funded roles.

ATS is a proud member of the Global Coalition on Youth Mental Health. We participate in the global movement that promotes the hashtag #195forMentalHealth and #MentalHealth, geared toward all world nations participation in mental health awareness and support.

We also support the hashtags #G7, and #G7Charlevoix that focus on raising awareness for mental health with the G7 Summit, even though Australia is not a member nation of this particular heavy-weight oddly exclusive club.


  • At ATS our particular excitement is supporting rural and regional and remote people and communities with disability and mental health advances.
  • We are advocates for improved services, increased access to services, and addressing the unique challenges of distance and travel for people regionally to access professional help and support.
  • We regularly submit letters and reports to government or other agencies to promote awareness on various issues associated with disability and mental health.
  • Over the years our publications have risen to the over 200 mark, across the domains of research reports, books, and related conferences.

We are also strong advocates for minority cultures and populations, including among non-English as a first language families, among Aboriginal Australian and First Nation North American communities, and with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, Sister Girl and Two Spirit people. In many of these areas we have taken on leadership and advisory roles, seeking to encourage local expertise and to quickly work ourselves out of a job by building up people’s capacities to self-manage and self-heal.

If you like to contact us, and ask how we might help in your situation, please use our Contact page initially. We will return email and take things from there. All the best to you and yours.


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