Ability Awakens Podcast

A provocative show on the arts of therapy, behaviour, and spirituality as meaning making with hosts Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers and Dr Dwayne Andrew Kennedy.

Opening our higher self to creative pathwork sparks new awareness. Enlightenment is not far afield. Join the innovating and centring vibes with mindfulness hosts Drs Bowers and Kennedy, psychotherapists, behaviour specialists, artists, potters, and explorers of the cosmos.

Listen to the show below. Also available on, Spotify and Apple.

Our Hosts

Dr Dwayne Andrew Kennedy

Senior Specialist Counsellor Psychotherapist, Dwayne works within behaviour support, creative arts, and gaming therapy. Dwayne’s fascination with mindfulness and health led him to study Ayurveda and to explore daily meditation practice. Visit his staff page for more information.

Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers

Senior Specialist Counsellor Psychotherapist, Joseph works with complex cases in clinical behaviour support, with clay art therapy, and psychotherapy. Joseph is a student of western and eastern mysticism, earth-based spiritualities, personal development and enlightenment.


Dr Bowers and Dr Kennedy work volunteer and tirelessly to support clients and public community education and capacity building projects including a regular Blog, YouTube Channel, and Podcast production. To support our community educational efforts consider shouting us a coffee and offering a donation (not tax deductible). Thank you so much.


We have scheduled the first season of 10 episodes for 2023 to be released on a fortnightly basis on each Monday. Thank you for joining in this new audio adventure!

Ability Awakens Podcast S1 E7 Animal Assisted Therapy Ability Awakens

Welcome to our seventh episode in season one. We’ve mapped the season to ten episodes released fortnightly. We hope you enjoy this new audio adventure.…
  1. Ability Awakens Podcast S1 E7 Animal Assisted Therapy
  2. Ability Awakens Podcast S1 E6 Q&A Clay Art Therapy and Spirituality
  3. Ability Awakens Podcast S1 E5 Earthing Grounding Being
  4. Ability Awakens Podcast S1 E4 Integral Behaviour Support Part 2
  5. Ability Awakens Podcast S1 E3 Integral Behaviour Support Part 1
  6. Ability Awakens Podcast S1 E2 Empathy’s Profound Mystery
  7. Ability Awakens Podcast: S1 E1: Belief in Everything
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