Welcome to Ability Academy Australia or “AAA”!

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AAA is founded by and maintained within Ability Therapy Specialists Pty Ltd. We are a therapeutic service. Therapy for us means working for change, enhancement, growth, and “problem solving with a purpose” and hopefully to improve quality of life in one way or other!

Through “Triple A” we provide programs and courses because we seek the best for our clients in active participation, choice, and control of their own therapy and life-growth potential.


  • Are focused on skill and capability.
  • With either coaching and/or therapy sometimes built in.
  • Are often tailored to a person’s needs.
  • Are helpful to the person’s family or staff support system.


  • Are made for ease and fun in personal and professional development.
  • Are a bit more of the traditional study-and-learn option.
  • Use our awesome and unique adult learning style, presentation, and creative media to help stimulate the imagination through sight and sound and with activities.
  • May provide additional pre-paid subscription/fees for exclusive 1:1 coaching and/or therapy with our senior specialists Dr Bowers and Dr Kennedy.

For NDIS participants

  • Please contact us directly to arrange access as you need a formal Service Agreement prior to registration after which we can provide a special voucher created for your registration.
  • We use NDIS categories CB Relationships Behaviour Support; or CB Daily Activities Counselling or Therapy Assessment; or Early Childhood Intervention; all of which can also access Core Funding where your plan management allows.
  • Participants with Self or Plan managed have greater flexibility.
  • NDIA managed cases may also provide access but we need to check your NDIS Plan goals and funding guidelines to be sure.
  • For all participants be aware that you may need and want to seek the NDIA’s advice to use funding in this way.
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