Counselling and Psychotherapy


Counselling traditionally relates to listening and sharing your story in a therapeutic relationship.

Psychotherapy can involve strategies for change.

Both methods work best together but ironically most therapists do one or the other. At Ability Therapy Specialists we combine expertise in both, and integrate methods into a seamless best practice approach.

  • We are Rogerian and Person Centred
  • And yet we are strategic and psychodynamic
  • We use advanced and proven therapeutic change methods and healing strategies
  • And yet we are sensitive to each person’s unique situation and we listen to your hopes and dreams

Change in psychotherapy can address many issues from phobias, to chronic fears,

  • pain management,
  • mind-body healing,
  • healing from trauma and past hurts,
  • dynamic goal setting,
  • relational change and development, as well as
  • depression,
  • anxiety,
  • low self esteem,
  • confusion,
  • misdirection,
  • chronic illness,
  • mental health,
  • and many other issues

Counselling Psychotherapy can either be brief solution focused, or can be longer term over months or years.

Many people make therapy a major investment in ongoing wellbeing by visiting a therapist monthly or bi-monthly once they have established a strong foundation through more regular sessions.