Life Coaching


Life Coaching is an awesome space.

We feel this space when we seek advice from a mentor, and share life with people eager and open to change and personal development. How awesome to meet someone vital and alive!

Life Coaching is not for the faint of heart. But those in heart-failure of one kind or other often benefit by new life and energetic coaching. We are motivational and yet contemplative – we see deeply, through fog and storm. We see through the night and dark. We are fully alive!

Coaching another person is about many things. Sometimes teaching, sharing info, moving and dancing, doing art and music, making life together a song or picture or impression or fantastic work of art. Coaching is sometimes deep moving and abiding spiritual insight, shared beside a fire in winter in the mountains of NSW.


Coaching is often moving into healing of past hurts, trauma recovery, and opening up potential for unconscious resources through meditation and hypnotherapy. Coaching might verge on spiritual direction, it becomes so darn vital.

Life coaching shares dreams, and enters the very dreaming itself. Coaching in life is making meaning, right now. Making something where there was absolutely nothing before. Turning problems into magic for change. Changing our minds for a permanent change that makes all the difference.


Achieving our goals. Moving in our dreams. Taking action. Being in self, authentic, and true. Facing illusion like a Zen master. Dancing like a mystic in the woods. Finding peace like the Buddha himself. Opening up spaces of enlightenment. Even gazing upon the cross of Christ, fully exposed, and staring into the eyes of God almighty while standing in that heart of gold…

Life coaching is what you make it, but one thing’s for sure, life coaching is here and now.

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