Relationships Counselling


Our work often addresses the needs of couples, relationships, and family life. Our specialist training and past research projects have helped to understand sexuality and gender, sexual identity, sexual behaviour. These published studies led to greater understanding of human relationships, intimacy, identity formation, human development, spirituality and meaning.

Our work in Behaviour Support and Counselling includes sexuality for people with intellectual and other disabilities and/or mental health issues. People who have NDIS Plans can access our help under the Australian NDIS.

We also work in these areas with people who identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, Aboriginal Australian and Canadian First Nation, including Two Spirit people. Our sensitivity to culturally diverse and linguistically different contexts enables a culturally infused method. We also support same sex couples and families.

As professionals we work under the healthy lifestyle model of human sexuality. This approach maintains the highest ethical standards and includes equity of access to person centred, holistic, and balanced therapy. We support in principle the Declaration of the World Association for Sexual Health which sits under the UN Declaration on Human Rights.

Our largely secular professional and scientific approach seeks to give everyone a fair go. We work primarily in Counselling Psychotherapy and Education, so our method is practical and pragmatic, down to earth, and accessible for people in real life. As counsellors and psychotherapists our assessments and methods focus on strengths, skills, relationships, and solution focused therapies.

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