Couple and Marriage Counselling

Many ask if we provide couple or marriage counselling. Yes we do.

Our approach to couple work is strengths based. We often call our work couple enrichment. But depending on the intentions and goals of each person, relationship work can take on just about any focus at all. The scope is as broad as people are human beings.

We take a human ecology perspective, which means we tend to see things from various perspectives. The more clearly you see things, the more choices are usually available. This is true for therapists, and even more true for couples and families.

Yes we also do family therapy, so many couples at some stage bring in their children to deal with various issues and/or to complete the circle.

Our training and work is inspired by Virginia Satir, often regarded as ‘the mother of family therapy.’ Our mentors and trainers were versed in the early person centred psychotherapy movement across the western world, so we value a sense of connection with Satir, Milton Erickson, Carl Rogers, and others who placed great emphasis on empowerment, personal agency, and building on people’s strengths.

To chat and arrange a time, please go to the Contact page, send a message, or ring our practice. Thank you for your support.