Transgender, Sexuality, Identity, and NDIS

Over many years we have worked as specialist educators, therapists, and researchers in the areas of culture, identity, sexuality, gender, and spirituality-as-meaning-making. My first major research project was conducted back in the 1990s during a Masters of Education Counselling degree, and focused on bisexual and gay men’s experiences of religion. The project reveals the complex layers of dealing with homophobia, trauma, and identity-formation.

During our PhD, which was completed during 2002, we explored the nature of social prejudice. The research articulated the extent of the mechanisms that guide bias and prejudice in society and in professional practices like counselling and health care. Click here or on the image below for A book recently published from the PhD and followed 30+ years of work in psychotherapy.

In previous years we published a work that details our research and experience working within the Mi’kmaq First Nation context in eastern Canada. The Two Spirit tradition is in part a pre-western pre-Christian cultural perspective among First Nations peoples, and is echoed in some ways by the Sister Girl and Brother Boy traditions of Australian Indigenous peoples.

Recent discussions with transgender participants led us to reflect on our years of practice in supporting cultural and gender diversity.

It came to our attention again and recently that NDIS participants often have little to no access to therapy assessment and treatment planning that is sensitive and aware of the many issues that gender and sexuality identity and diversity bring up in everyday life. Even less access exists to expertise in these areas. Often sex and sexuality is overlooked, pushed aside, and denied to people with disability and mental health issues.

While reconnecting in a collegial way to the Gender Centre in Sydney NSW, we were delighted to find that their website has grown significantly over the years. It is a great resource of information, and we encourage people to take a look and to learn about transgender issues.

NDIS participants who have sexuality and/or gender issues can access our services under categories related to specialist behaviour support, counselling therapies, and therapy assessments. As we consult virtually across Australia, our specialist senior therapists can assist clients in the comfort of home via telehealth and without the burdens of travel to a clinic.

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