Trimming the Bits – Pottery Meditation

A meditation on life’s changes and human development with Dr Joseph R Bowers. I am a counsellor psychotherapist to learn more visit our website In future we will create and launch a new site as well at however we need some time to work out the details. The vision is to offer pottery and other products of interest via mail order.

From the therapy side of life, we are finding that our work as visual and ceramic artists has engaged many people on their journey in life. People at all ages seem to want more of canvas and clay… They seek to enjoy the tactile and visual senses while working on personal issues and change.

Making therapy active i.e. concrete gives us a “third element” in the therapy room. A kind of Gestalt empty chair that is actually filled with the canvas and paints or clay and hands. These forms and objects provide a centre-point and around this point we circle and spiral deeper into meaning and purpose.

Via telehealth art therapy is very well suited. We help people to get the bits they need to engage. They find it more fun and empowering to collect their own medicine bundle of objects to work with. They may then find brushes, canvas, clay, and simple tools they have already at home.

This work is fun and creative while also addressing often serious and deep issues. This all depends on what you need in the moment. It is an honour to offer this kind of person centred service.

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