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We are highly regarded specialists in counselling therapies and behavioural support. To learn more about us, click on the images below.

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Online Telehealth Specialist Counselling Psychotherapy, Behaviour Support, Clinical Assessments


Building Your Capacity, Online Courses, Engaging New Learning, Gaining Skills, Accomplishing Goals

Helping and Caring

Experience Change, Face the Real, Move Forward, Embrace Life; We Work with Clients, Carers, Parents, Families, and Staff

  • Person centred quality care begins with self and touches everyone.
  • Therapy, building capacity, and education go hand in hand.
  • Programs and courses provide other source of practical skills, personal and professional development.


Exclusive high quality online programs provide for practical learning, sharing, and achieving skills and goals in real life.

How important today to engage in learning that is down to earth, therapeutic, life-giving, affirming, and that builds our skills and abilities!


Quality materials, original content, stellar presentation, new and updated, relevant to real life, helpful to family and parenting, made for workplace reality, engaging and innovative, interactive, multimedia, made to engage the heart, transformative, completely practical, very much experience-based learning


We are a small and beautiful senior specialist counselling psychotherapy practice working in the private sector and among the NDIS community.

We consult online and telehealth across Australia.

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We offer counselling and psychotherapy services; and online capacity building programs for individuals, parents, and staff within the disability, health, and community sectors.

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Therapeutic and life changing learning experiences happen online, providing innovative and helpful experiential learning, skills in person centered support, help with Autism, Intellectual Disability, Behaviour Support, Personal Growth, and Spirituality.

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As NDIS Registered Providers we offer

Tests and Assessments.

Behaviour Support under ‘CB Relationships.’

Counselling Therapies under ‘CB Daily Activities.’

Including Early Childhood Intervention.

Mental Health Support.

Participants with Plan and Self Managed also use ‘Core Funding.’

Trimming the Bits – Pottery Meditation

A meditation on life’s changes and human development with Dr Joseph R Bowers. I am a counsellor psychotherapist to learn more visit our website http://www.abilitytherapyspecialists.com.au In future we will create and launch a new site as well at http://www.reddurt.com.au however we need some time to work out the details. The vision is to offer pottery…

Centering in Life – Pottery Meditations

This brief meditation provides the beauty and challenge of clay centering on the potter’s wheel and how this symbolises and represents centering of the person, heart and mind. Dr Joseph R Bowers provides the narrative voiceover.

cheerful senior mother and adult daughter using smartphone together

Behaviour Support, Therapy, NDIS, Disability, Covid-19, Vaccination and Future Planning

Given all focus right now on Covid-19 lock downs in New South Wales, we offer this update on our services for NDIS participants and others seeking private therapy and counselling support. While we are a small team of two senior and doctoral qualified specialists our clients come to us from regional NSW and from other…

Homophobia and Healing: Psychotherapy and the Psychology of Prejudice

New book by Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers We are pleased this title has finally seen the light of day, as it has been delayed during Covid-19, and was in the works for many years. Below is the abstract book information. Click on the image to go to the sales page. With over thirty years of…

Clay, Art Therapy, NDIS, and Covid Isolation

Clay and culture go hand in hand, literally and in every other way. Clay sculptures date back over 10,000 years. In relative terms, even the Bible is young when it comes to the subterranean origins of the name Adam, meaning of the earth or made of clay. Clay works both express and facilitate culture and…

Animal Assisted Canine Therapy in Behaviour Support and Counselling in Australia: NDIS Funded Dog Assisted Reviews in Autism and Intellectual Disability

This post attaches a recent paper written to evaluate Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), particularly with trained therapy dogs in cases of Autism, Intellectual Disability, and in early, middle, and late childhood intervention contexts.

I Can’t… but you can…

I can’t, she said. Her Elder touches her face and says, the root word there, my dear, is ‘can’ followed by the contrary ‘not’… Can comes first. And you can always untie the knot with a little help from a friend.

Person Centred Values in Positive Behaviour Support

Welcome to another video release from Ability Therapy Specialists. Please like and share, and subscribe to the channel. This week, and for Easter, we share our passion for person centred practice as a form of values and culture. This very deep philosophy is part of and integral to positive behaviour support. People with Autism really…

Positive Behaviour Support and Counselling

Positive Behaviour Support and Counselling are our passion and we are very excited to offer this video introduction. We work under the NDIS in Australia.

adult affection baby child

Aged Care and Behaviour Support for NDIS Participants

The NDIS Commission has announced new arrangements for NDIS Participants living within aged care that have enormous implications for individuals but also the aged care systems and cultures in Australia. As specialists in behaviour support but more so as advocates for human rights and person centered positive and strength based practices, we welcome these changes…

women doing yoga

In the Trenches – The Development of ‘Behaviour Support Essentials’ Course

The year 2020, wow! What a ride! So much is said about this year, we are all a bit sick of it really. So what is happening at the moment? Springtime! Yipee! Lots of sun and a bit more rain for some of us, and more than we like for others. New projects? We started…

Signing PDFs for Remote Rural Clients of Behaviour Support and Counselling

Hi there, we have found the increase in telehealth usage not surprising during the Covid-19 situation. Though we now offer telehealth as our core business, we also are learning new ways to make small things a bit easier. Like signing a PDF document? How many times do you get a doc from a provider or…

Telehealth Counselling and Behaviour Therapies – A Reflection on Change

2020 is turning out to be a stellar year for change, upheaval, and disruption on many levels. Covid-19, bush fires, economic downturns, massive unemployment, global unrest, even the emergence of a new cold war between superpowers making indirect, direct, and real impact on our lives. Learning to cope with change is not easy for anyone.…

Changes to Services under Covid-19

Due to addressing the health crisis we have moved all clinical services to online and telehealth models. As you might appreciate, the many major changes happening every day in Australia are taking time to process not only for our service but in the case of each of our clients. We have been helping clients to…

Receiving NDIS clinical services during the coronovirus covid-19 behaviour support and counselling therapies – a new book launch!

Well before the health outbreak of Covid-19 we were taking steps to move our service model into telehealth methods. It just happened that when we were ready to complete the published book, lodge the ISBN number, and provide public access to the book – the virus outbreak was escalating this past week across NSW and…

Free Ebook on Telehealth Clinical Services in Australia: How Telehealth Works and Its Effectiveness in the Context of Specialist Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Behaviour Support

In the context of Coronovirus Covid-19 we launch this book that actively seeks to provide greater access to behaviour support and counselling therapies via online systems in Australia and for NDIS participants. This book was written just before the health crisis broke the news, because it just makes sense to provide online clinical services via…

Counselling and Behaviour Support via Telehealth Online During The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Special Public Health Notice:  The declared outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) places us all on alert. Please let us know by phone if you have any of the following signs: If you have a fever – – – – Sore throat – – – – Shortness of breath. Please think ahead and cancel your appointment.…

Telehealth Online Behaviour Support and Counselling Psychotherapy

Having taught for many years at a few of Australia’s premier universities offering distance education, and having worked in therapy for even longer via distance technologies and across countries, our practice naturally embraces this form of consultation. Even more so, working in the New England North West that spans over 400 km in each direction,…

Spiritual Values and Behaviour Support

At first glance and broadly speaking, specialist behaviour support within the NDIS and Australian context is based in western secular science and particularly with insights that come from a long tradition of psychiatry, medicine, psychology, education, and counselling psychotherapy. From these traditions arise bodies of knowledge that inform and guide positive person centred behaviour support.…

What is Diagnosis?

To many of us, a diagnosis is a label that is used to name a condition, disability, illness, or capacity. This meaning makes diagnosis a noun, and all too often a person, a place, or a thing. While there is no doubt that a label might be useful to help us get medical or other…

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Behaviour Support in New England NSW

Our service extends from Armidale to Inverell. Many of our clients hail from Inverell and we enjoy visiting the beautiful community as often as possible. Travel costs are reduced when we can book in two to four clients in one day visit, and then each participant shares the travel which is three hours return from…

Neuropsychotherapy Basics

Regionally people suggest that it is difficult to find therapy assistance with adults suffering from Aquired Brain Injury or Traumatic Brain Injury. Most specialists at this level seem to be based in larger cities and/or in Sydney NSW. At the local level, over several years we have been consulting periodically with people who seek out…

YouthMentalHealth NYC!23Sept

Press Release from the Global Coalition on Youth Mental Health We are thrilled to announce our featured speakers for the upcoming YMentalHealth? | Our Future Depends on It event in New York City on Monday, September 23. Youth advocates will take the mic to dialogue on the growing impact of mental illness and call for…

Mothers, Therapy, and Behaviour Support

Because our work in behaviour support and counselling therapies is family-focused, and because we work with parents and their child with a disability, we find that mothers come forward quite often and attend therapy with their child. For the mom, this is an opportunity to learn about therapy and to work with the therapist. Many…

Refuge as Therapy, Therapy as Refuge

Welcome. Each moment is precious. Welcome to your moment. Be here now, with the fullness of your heart. Take this moment to breathe… breathe in… out… Take feeling – how are you going right now? What is arising for you? In you? In the you of you? Are you, the littler you, overwhelmed? If so,…

sage smudge stick in bowl on marble shelf near buddha head

Buddhist Wisdom and Psychotherapy

Among the many paths contained within the two-legged sentient world, today especially in Australia we can acknowledge great diversity! As such, one can consider the range of cultural and spiritual wisdom traditions as part of one humanity. In many ways, perhaps more ways than any other perspective, there are indeed connections and harmonies created by…

Y7 Call to Action 2019, June 9-13 Paris G7 Summit

The G7 or Group of Seven nations includes, “Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These countries, with the seven largest IMF-described advanced economies in the world,[1] represent 58% of the global net wealth ($317 trillion).[2] The G7 countries also represent more than 46% of the global gross domestic product (GDP) based on nominal values, and more than 32% of the global GDP based on purchasing power parity.[3] The European…

Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness

Hypnotherapy and mindfulness go hand-in-hand. This approach provides skills and awareness that anyone can benefit from, which are part of universal human functions of the body-mind-heart. Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy, meaning the approach works with the body-mind-self to assist individuals to achieve personal outcomes across many health, relationship, and lifestyle related goals. Hypnotherapy…