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We are Ability Therapy Specialists Pty Ltd.

Our website is growing and is being redeveloped as we speak. Our articles are now found in the Blog heading.

Not all links will work, so thanks for your patience.

A new course and member site is under development and new courses are being written.

Our first course to launch will be Behaviour Support Essentials! We are extremely excited!

Stay tuned…! 🙂


Online Telehealth Specialist Counselling Psychotherapy, Behaviour Support, Clinical Assessments


Building Your Capacity, Online Courses, Engaging New Learning, Gaining Skills, Accomplishing Goals

Helping and Caring

Experience Change, Face the Real, Move Forward, Embrace Life; We Work with Clients, Carers, Parents, Families, and Staff

  • Person centred quality care begins with self and touches everyone
  • Therapy, building capacity, and education go hand in hand
  • Courses provide another source of practical skills, personal and professional development


Exclusive high quality online courses provide for practical learning, sharing, and achieving skills and goals in real life

How important today to engage in learning that is down to earth, therapeutic, life-giving, affirming, and that builds our skills and abilities!


Quality materials, original content, stellar presentation, new and updated, relevant to real life, helpful to family and parenting, made for workplace realities, engaging and innovative, interactive, multimedia, made to engage the heart, transformative, completely practical and very much experience-based learning

About Us

We are a small and beautiful senior specialist counselling psychotherapy practice working in the private sector and among the NDIS community.

We consult online and telehealth across Australia.

Get In Touch

We offer counselling and psychotherapy services; and online capacity building education and training programs for individuals, parents, and staff within the disability, health, and community sectors.

Email us at:


Take a Course

We offer courses and learning experiences online within the exclusive AbilityAcademy space designed to provide innovative and helpful experiential learning, skills in person centered support, help with Autism, Intellectual Disability, Behaviour Support, Personal Growth, and Spirituality.

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