Dr Dwayne Andrew Kennedy

Welcome to our website. You can read about my formal qualifications below. Personally speaking, I enjoy gardening and the simple things in life. My hope is for others, to improve their lives.

Dr Dwayne Andrew Kennedy

Dr Dwayne Andrew Kennedy’s formal qualifications include a PhD in Counselling with Art Therapy and Trauma Recovery, MEd Honours, Bachelor of Counselling, Bachelor of Teaching, and Bachelor of Education, Cert III Disabilities, Cert III Childcare, and Cert III Welfare.

At ATS Pty Ltd Dr Kennedy is a Behaviour Support Specialist Counsellor Psychotherapist.

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Dwayne has over 25 years experience in the disability and mental health services sectors. He has taught over the years in early childhood education. Dr Kennedy has consulted and mentored clients, staff, and management on ways forward through empowerment, resilience, and accomplishing of client-focused goals.

Dr Kennedy’s work focuses in many ways on assisting youth and children, but he works with all ages. He uses CBT with mindfulness, and enjoys symbol work and sand tray therapy.


Working online during Covid-19 has been a challenging but exciting reality for me and clients. We have all been in the same boat. We have faced the transition head on, and changed the way that we work. Not just for me, but for many, the improvements from working online are many and we look forward to continuing in this approach.

Dr Dwayne Andrew Kennedy

Dr Kennedy works closely with parents and with many single mums of children with Autism, Intellectual Disability, ADHD, and other unique gifts and abilities. He like our service works from a strength-based approach. We have dis-ed the ‘dis’ in (dis)Ability.

Dr Kennedy sees mums, especially, as the expert in their own experience in life and as the best advocate. As such, mums have the best most holistic perspective on the reality and needs of their children.

Empowering parents, and mums especially, to be strong in their wisdom and to move forward with greater confidence is a great honour and is central to our role.

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